Embedded Software & Product Design

Whether finding new design approaches to existing products, refreshing an existing design or reverse engineering an existing innovation, PTON SYSTEMS, LLC takes an approach to embedded software and product design that will save the manufacturer time and money.

new product design

New products are designed using the most cost effective and appropriate technology. The working environment of the device or components are researched, components and systems surveyed, incorporating off- the-shelf technology for cost effectiveness, when appropriate. Several options are provided, representing tradeoffs between cost and time to market. Customers are kept up to date, so that revisions/feature enhancement may be incorporated before "for production" units are built.

refreshed approach

As products and their components become obsolete, their continued manufacture becomes a challenge and the manufacturer is painted into a corner by the marketplace. At PTON SYSTEMS, LLC we find new, often simpler, less costly solutions using current technology. We take the manufacturer¹s capabilities and needs into account, enabling them to more effectively continue or resume production.

reverse engineering

When a manufacturer wishes to emulate an existing product, PTON SYSTEMS, LLC can reverse engineer the product no matter how challenging tthe technology. We use a "clean room" approach to avoid copyright infringement and other issues.

feature enhancement

Occasionally a manufacturer may wish to upgrade or expand upon existing products or components. Our expertise in current technology allows us to present the optimum design choices to our customers. This approach will save you time and money when you expand the range of your products to fit the changing marketplace.

disaster rescue

Our innovative solutions can get stalled projects back on track. This helps to avoid budget disasters and lost sales due to being late to market.

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Drive Zone: ultrasonic automotive collision avoidance system.

Smart Batteries: displays minutes of use left/time needed to fully charge.

Battery Charger (military): detects type of battery and charges appropriately.

Consumer Survey Device: weighs used diapers, questions parents, transmits data via phone line to company.

Powder Feed Rate Meter: redesigned product to reduce cost and eliminate obsolete components.

Powder Feeder: weight loss controlled pneumatic powder feeder (also redesigned 10 years later).

Thermo Spray Controller: controls plasma combustion gas, maximizes hardware life.

Vision System Garage Door Opener: user interface constructed with off-the-shelf board, camera activated open/close system.

Bottle Top Torque Meter: checks that machinery is properly sealing lids.

Vision System: incorporates off-the-shelf vision system into flame spray system, optimizing technician monitoring.

Robotics: Various applications. DC servo-based metal or granite air bearing slides. Used in manufacturing computer parts. One use: inspecting Declaration of Independence for print erosion.

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